Jose E. Bulatao, Jr. is the performing arts founder, director & choreographer of Bailes de Jose Philippine American Dance Troupe of Kauai Hawaii featuring both Folk and Modern dance

Celebrating nearly five decades of life long commitment to Philippine Dance on Kauai Hawaii.

Bailes de Jose Founder Jose E. Bulatao Jr. has served in the capacity as chairperson of the administrative council of West Kauai United Methodist Church. Jose held this position since in 2000.  Currently, he now serves in the position as C-Lay-leader of the church.

In addition to this role, Jose also serves  as an president for E Ola Mau Na Leo O Kekaha, an organization that coordinates programs, activities, and projects for community residents. He is also a choreographer, composer, and the founder of the West Kauai Choir and the Bailes de Jose Dance Troupe.

Prior to his current positions, he served as a teacher for Waimea High School, Kauai High School, and Kauai Community College. Jose instructed a number of subjects including English, speech and communications, journalism, Filipino folk dancing, debate, music in world cultures, and social studies.

Jose E. Bulatao, Jr. - Founder of Philippine Bailes de Jose Kauai Performing Arts Dance CompanyHe is well known and highly regarded for his dedication and exemplary leadership and attributes his success to diligence and hard work, qualities equally evident in his level of academic attainment.

Jose pursued and obtained a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Despite a naturally altruistic position, he further impacts the community through his support of non-profit organizations that benefit youth. In his spare time, Jose enjoys amateur photography, travel, reading, being outdoors, and the company of friends and family.

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