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Humans are in a constant state of movement!

This movement can be thought of as a form of dance we perform throughout our entire life.

With this in mind I created this Philippine American directory to honor my Filipino husband, extended family, friends and all Philippine Americans!  Thank you for visiting

This free directory is volunteer operated.  If you see information that needs to be updated please let me know and I will do my best to keep it up to date!  Your help is greatly appreciated.


The Philippines


The Philippines is a wonderland of folk dances. There are hundreds of indigenous dances of perhaps as varied origins, influences and styles as can be found anywhere in the world!
Despite the tremendous influence of other nations on the cultural heritage of the Philippines, the Filipino has indubitably retained his individuality through the years by preserving his primitive dance expressions, his music, drama and architecture, his literature, arts, crafts and costumes.

On you can post your Philippine Dance Group along with a text link back to your own official web site.



The above content was provided by Mr. Jose E. Bulatao Jr, founder of Bailes de Jose Philippine Dance Company of Kauai in Hawaii established in 1967.

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